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Friday, May 7, 2010

An open letter to Comedy Central

I invite all those who find this to be offensive repugnant, outrageous, and/or horrendous, to copy, paste, and email the below letter to; 
The audacity of Comedy Central on this issue is just disgusting, may we pray that they, as a company, turn their ways around.  Just remove the name/signature and add your own.  Please, let's show Comedy Central that we love the Faith, and are willing to defend Holy Mother Church and our Lord against vile attacks.
If you don't want to send this letter, feel free to copy and paste from this letter, and make your own!

Sancte Michael Archangele....


To whom it may concern,

         I am deeply disturbed by Comedy Central's decision to lambast Christ in a new series.  Wasn't it recently that you, as Comedy Central decided to not show images of Muhammed because a simple fatwah was issued against your company?  It is disconcerting that you, as a company are willing to defame and desecrate religions, who, apart from some verbal opposition, will do no harm to your company, but immediately when life and limb is threatened, retractions are issued and shows mysteriously do not show.  I am against your type of defamation of religion in the offset, but to bend to the wills of some violent religious-extremists because of violence and not graciously listen to the thousands of people who peacefully ask to have their religious beliefs respected, is abhorrent, disenchanting, and overall a horrendous affront to the power of violence over peaceful ways.  

As Kent Alderman states: “In general, comedy in purist form always makes some people uncomfortable,” but you exert extreme cowardice for making “some” people uncomfortable.  Those would be the “some” people who won’t issue threats of violence for your satires.  You as a company, and your partner Viacom, have no appetite for making some other people uncomfortable — the very people who would not waste a moment in violently shutting down Comedy Central if given the opportunity.

And though South Park and Comedy Central has instrumentally and destructively criticized religious beliefs overall, equally, one never felt that your managers and leaders had it out for any one group because their satires ran the entire gamut, at least until Comedy Central began censoring them.

And even that would have been understandable had you, as a company, decided to avoid religious satire altogether, foregoing much scandal and desecration of religion; of beliefs held dear by billions of people around the world.  Instead, you are launching a new effort to parody Christianity while imposing the rule of radical Islamists on satires of Islam.  There’s a word for people who only pick fights with no risk whatsoever: bullies.  

One can always tell a bully by his unwillingness to actually fight someone who can hurt him while constantly picking on those unable or unwilling to physically and violently fight back.  You, as a company, are showing that you are being led a pack of cowardly, contemptible, bullies and it is beyond me why, after such contemptible acts of disparity, any Christian, or any man or woman with a spine, would waste a moment watching anything you now broadcast.  

As for me; know I will consciously refuse to watch any of your broadcasting because of this heinous, unethical, and contemptible move on your part.  

I pray for your conversions, if nothing else, to ensure you, as a company, can come to respect the religious beliefs of every man and woman on God's Beautiful Earth, and in doing so, cease your deranged interpretations of that held sacred by the faiths of billions.
   In our Lord Jesus Christ,
                  Louis Cunningham

It is for us to become holy here and now, for we cannot be certain whether we will be here this evening.
- St. Maximillian Kolbe

Hat tip to American Catholic for the original article.  Hopefully this letter will take roots; and we can show Comedy Central our care and concern for our Faith!

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