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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Collect VI after Pentecost

O God of Virtue, Who is all of that which is best, graft within our hearts a love of your hame, and grant in us an increase of religion; so that You may nurture all which is good, and with tender zeal guard that which You have fostered. Per Dominum...
-Collect, VI Sunday post Pentecost.

Just a quick post.  This is my own translation; fairly accurate.  Father Z has his own up also.  It is interesting to note the connection of what is Religion and what is good.  We must remember, and never forget that that which is good comes from God, through the Holy Religion which He established.
Without this Holy Religion, we literally separate us from this Good.  We remove ourselves from Good, because we choose to remove ourselves from Jesus.  Wowsers!  

Fr. Z, obviously has more and better insight on the issue here.

John 15:5,6.

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